Hiking the Chalk Cliffs of East Sussex

Hike Itinerary

Start: Eastbourne Train Station
Finish: Seven Sisters Country Park

  • Eastbourne Train Station – Beachy Head (1.5 hours)
  • Lunch Stop at Beachy Head (1 hour)
  • Beachy Head – Belle Tout Light House (45 min)
  • Belle Tout Light House – Birling Gap (30 min)
  • Birling Gap – Cuckmere Haven (1.5 hours)
  • Cuckmere Haven – Seven Sisters Country Park (30 min)

We spent almost 6 hours in total. We were supposed to finish off our hike at Seaford Head Nature Reserve but it will take another hour from Cuckmere Haven, the sun is almost down and we have committed a time of arrival with our couch surfing host, so we decided to catch the bus to Brighton from Seven Sisters. Advance hikers will surely finish an hour or two earlier so continuing your hike to Seaford Head is a piece of cake.

Beachy Head

Fish & Chips for Lunch

Belle Tout Lighthouse

Birling Gap

Cuckmere Haven

Seven Sisters Country Park

Overnight in Brighton

  • Seven Sisters Country Park – Brighton Pier (1hour by bus)
  • Dinner at The Madeira Harvester (next to Brighton Pier)
  • Couchsurfed at Aaron’s place (15min walk from Brighton Pier)
  • Partied at Coalition Club
  • Walked the streets of Brighton the next day
  • Buffet Vegetarian Brunch at Bombay Aloo
  • Dinner and drinks at La Choza before returning to London

Brighton Pier

Hand Painted Brighton Pier (Thames Close, Brighton)

Blaker Street

Chicken Wings, Nachos and Chicharones at La Choza


For departure times you can click the link above.

Coaster coaches that serves Eastbourne to Brighton and vice versa are available so you can always hop on the bus and get off at a nearby bus stop. Note that bus stops can take 20min to 1hour walk from the cliff edges so ensure you plan your hiking stops in advance.

Available buses between Eastbourne to Brighton are Coaster 12, 12A, 12X, 13X. For buses timetable and available stops please click the link above.

For departure times you can click the link above.

Note that there are several London train terminals that service this route. You can always visit Trainline or Southern to plan your journey in advance.

Summary of Expenses

Total expenses: £138.84

  • Train from London to Eastbourne (Anytime of the day) £32.20
  • Lunch at Beachy Head (Fish & Chips) £11.50
  • Bus from Seven Sisters to Brighton £4.00
  • Dinner at Madeira Harvester (Shared Meal) £10.50
  • Uber expenses to the club and return £10
  • Club Entrance fee £7.00
  • Club Drinks (3 glasses of vodka and red bull) £20.70
  • Brunch at Bombay Aloo £5.99
  • Dinner & Drink at Al Choza (Shared Meal) £23.25
  • Train from Brighton to London (Super Off Peak)   £10.70
  • Water £3.00

Note that some meals and uber expenses were shared between 2 people. Figures shown above are for one person.

Practical Tips

  • If you plan a day trip, it is worth to buy an “Anytime Day Return” ticket to give you a flexibility on the train times. However, this option will not allow you to change train station when you return. So if you take an “Anytime Day Return” to Eastbourne, you must take the train back to London from Eastbourne station.
  • If you are an “on time” person, you can choose to buy an “Advance Single” ticket for a much cheaper price. Cheap means you can get it for less than £10 one way or even return if you book way in advance .
  • Less alcohol means less expense. Yes, alcohol normally cost more than you eat.
  • Walk if your destination is less than 15min walk. Stop being lazy, loose more calories and save a few bucks.

Thanks for reading. Bisous!


12 thoughts on “Hiking the Chalk Cliffs of East Sussex

    1. Quite a lovely place to go for a hike I love the views and the buildings and speaking of the food I can only salivate all look delicious😋

      Liked by 1 person

    1. die merkel sieht aus, als hätte man sie schon getroffen, ehe man wirft.welch ein grandioser zeitvertreib. wenn man doch nur die gegenstände auch auswählen kÃt03¶e&#82nn;interessant wäre auch, statistisch zu überprüfen, wer am häufigsten getroffen wurde…


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