Paris Panic Trip

We have all this childhood dream which is very common: “I want to travel the world”.

I felt that I have only started living this dream when I was 21. The first foreign country I visited (outside my country of residence) was France and of course, as a first time traveler, which French city would you choose? PARIS. PARIS. PARIS

“Paris Syndrome”

Did you know that there is such a mental disorder? It is a psychiatric symptom experienced by an individual after visiting Paris.

Though I no longer feel excitement every time I visit Paris (after visiting it numerous times – 7 times to be exact), it is a place I would recommend to everyone for a short city break.

On this blog, I would like to share with you our 2 day last minute Paris trip (literally booked couple of hours before departure).


London to Paris: 23:30 – 9:30 (8hours by coach)
  • London Victoria to Dover Port – 2.5 hours
  • Dover Port to Calais Port – 1.5 hours
  • Calais Port to Paris Bercy – 4 hours

From London Victoria, the first stop will be the French Immigration located in Dover. After going through the immigration, the coach will proceed to Dover Port and board a ferry to Calais. All passengers must get off the coach and proceed at the ferry decks for the entire duration of the ferry journey. Duty free, bars, restaurants and slot machines are available on board. Passengers will be informed to return to their respective vehicles in preparation to disembark. The coach journey will continue from Calais to Paris.

Day 1

Upon arrival, at Paris Bercy we went to Bercy Metro Station to purchase our 2 day Metro pass. After that, went straight to our hotel to get some rest and get all gadgets charged before we start our city hike.

Paris City hike route

Paris Hike

We did not manage to go to the last three stops during this trip as we already got tired. But if you got the chance, it is worth to visit. I have visited them on my previous trips.

  • Arc de Triomphe – next to the famous shopping street Champs Elysees
  • Moulin Rouge – next to a street of sex shops
  • Sacre Coeur – great at night for Paris city view and next to authentic French restaurants

City Hike Snaps

Day 2

As our coach is departing late night, we still have some time to explore so we decided to visit Chateau de Versailles which is 30minute away from Paris by train. It is a royal castle with a huge garden at the back. We did not really go inside the palace as it is out of my interest ^-^ But if you wish to go in, there will be an entry fee of 18EUR. The garden is normally free of charge but will require an entry fee of 9.50EUR whenever there is a fountain show. I highly recommend to see the garden with the fountain show as it makes the entire place majestic.

Chateau de Versailles Snaps

Paris to London: 22:00 – 6:00 (9 hours)
  • Paris Bercy to Coquelles Eurotunnel Terminal – 3 hours
  • Coquelles Teminal to Folkstone Terminal – 35 minutes
  • Folkstone Eurotunnel Terminal to London Victoria – 2 hours

From Paris Bercy, the first stop will be the French Immigration and then UK Immigration located in Coquelles. After going through the immigration, the coach will proceed to Coquelles Terminal and board the train to Folkestone. There is no need for passengers to get off the coach for the entire duration of the train journey. The coach journey will continue from Folkstone to Victoria after disembarking.

Meal Snaps

Summary of Expenses

  • London to Paris Coach GBP 26.00   (USD 34.85)
  • Paris to London Coach GBP 37.62   (USD 50.43)
  • Hotel (1night) GBP 22.12   (USD 29.65)
  • Metro Pass Zone 1-3 (2days) GBP 17.98   (USD 24.10)
  • Versailles Return Ticket GBP   5.11    (USD 6.85)
  • Fountain Show GBP   8.63    (USD 11.57)
  • Estimated Meal & Drinks GBP  60.00   (USD 80.43)

Total: GBP 177.46 (USD 237.88)

Note: Expenses shown above are per individual based on 2 people traveling.

Practical Tips

  • Book your coach tickets in advance 🙂 Coach tickets normally comes cheap if you plan ahead and book in advance. You could book a 20GBP worth of return tickets online.
  • If the coach is taking a ferry, always take note of the stair color next to the coach and deck number where the coach is parked. Note that the driver only meet their passengers back on the coach when you are about to disembark.
  • The coach will take time to board the ferry/train, expect some delays on busy period.
  • Never purchase a Daily Metro Pass if you are planning a city hike in Paris. We thought we could save with the daily metro pass but we only took the train 5 times for 2 days. We could’ve saved couple of bucks if we purchased a single pass costing. 1.90EUR.
  • Always bring cash with you. Public toilets are normally available for a fee.

Thanks for reading. Bisous x


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